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Bee in wildflowers, Desert Park, Alice Springs (c) L.M. Kling 2021
Bee in the Poppy (c) L.M. Kling 2022

Mary McDee

Mary McDee had a magical childhood as a bush kid.  Due to isolation, she often had little contact with other children and, for a couple of years as a pre-teen; she never spoke to another girl anywhere near her own age.

Books became her boon companions reading a gateway to the wider world – a world, she came to view through highly romanticised eyes.  This made life difficult for her when she had to leave home in pursuit of education!  Qualification as a teacher having gained a Diploma in Teaching (Primary) and a B.A., began to bring her down to earth.  Teaching, marriage and a couple of children completed the process.

While teaching she was particularly interested in the literacy aspects of her work.  This led to a love of writing stories for children.  She also writes memoir, family history and, due to a fascination with photography, books combing her pictures and her writing.

For many years she has lived on a small acreage in the Adelaide Hills surrounded by birds and the messy garden she loves.

Butterfly Rose (c) L.M. KLing 2019

Elsie King

As a child in England, Elsie loved writing, reading, history and art. She moved to Australia and spent much of her career helping people. She has a BA in Social Work, a Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Science and has developed a rich understanding of how people think and act.

 Elsie now writes historical novels with happy endings. Bliss!

Her heroines struggle with inequality, discrimination and misogyny, but find love in the end. Her books reflect social issues that are still relevant today.

Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer are her inspiration.

Elsie is a member of the Romance Writers of Australia, SA Writers Centre and a founding member of Indie Scriptorium, a self-publishing collective which will publish two of her novels in 2022. Her first novel, A Suitable Heir, was short-listed in the RWA Emerald awards.

Elsie also paints botanic watercolours.

Website: https://www.elsiekingauthorartist.com/

Camelia (c) L.M. Kling 2021

Lee-Anne Marie Kling

Lee-Anne Marie Kling graduated from Adelaide University with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English and Japanese. She also trained as a high school teacher and taught junior high school and primary school in Melbourne, Victoria.

Lee-Anne worked as a Research Officer publishing three research reports of youth needs in towns in Victoria and southern New South Wales.

She lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her husband and is mother of two adult sons. She is also an artist and enjoys travelling, especially exploring the Australian outback. She has travelled overseas to Japan and Europe.

Her experiences teaching, travelling, and raising her sons have provided inspiration for her writing.

Works (Available on Amazon):

Science Fiction (War on Boris series)

The Hitch-hiker

Mission of the Unwilling

The Lost World of the Wends


Trekking With the T-Team: Central Australian Safari 1981

Website: Tru-Kling Creations (www.truklingcreations.com)

Featured Image: Bee in wildflowers, Desert Park, Alice Springs (c) L.M. Kling 2021