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Want to publish a novel, travel guide, children’s book, memoir or anything else but find the process too hard? Are you discouraged by the traditional publishing slush piles and the fear of another rejection? Do you want to avoid the pitfalls of vanity publishing?

Self-publishing is a complex process which can deter many writers. Indie Scriptorium comprises a group of writers who are committed to share knowledge and experience with each other. To produce e-books and print on demand books of good quality at a reasonable price.

We are a resource for editing, cover design, formatting, IBSN, author biographies, blurbs and acknowledgements. Indie Scriptorium will have a website which will connect our books to individual author web pages, blogs, and social media. It will release books from the website. We will help plan marketing strategies for authors.

Our group is there to help writers with information, feedback and support. It is a collective and all members contribute, experiment, and grow together. We are happy to help if you only intend to produce one book or want to launch a career as a writer.

 We are seeking members who can do research and present their findings to the group. We expect members to become readers and editors for other members. To be constructive and creative and work as a team when putting our books together. We plan to learn from each other and have some fun as we learn. Excellent computer skills, experience with marketing and using social media effectively would be desirable skills, but the most important requirement is a nearly completed manuscript and a desire to see your work in print.

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